Medical Assistance Foundation

A 501(c)3 charitable organization


Providing financial assistance for individuals and families facing extraordinary expenses due to illness or accident.

Serving Fairfield, Iowa

“To witness and care for your wife while she tends to her youngest child while he is dying from cancer is an experience no one should have. But then, only 6 months later to find the very same mother, the very same wife, now facing the same fatal disease is without description. More devastating still, is knowing that many of the treatments the world has to offer are simply not available to her, that they lie behind closed doors due to the lack of sufficient resources.
It was only because of the Medical Assistance Foundation that those doors were opened to us, and with that came hope and opportunity. Without the MAF, the journey we embarked upon would have been only a dream. Thanks to MAF and those who donated to its fund, everything that could have been done to help my wife was done. There is no possible way to thank MAF for what they have done for my family, and for so many others.”

—John Mortensen

Naples, FL

What We Do

We live in a time of hope, as scientific advances offer increasingly effective treatments for disease. Unfortunately, modern therapies also tend to be expensive, and many people simply can’t afford the medical attention they require—and deserve. Costly medicines, experimental protocols, travel for consultations, and extended stays at treatment facilities are all too often beyond the coverage of health insurance providers, which many people can’t begin to afford in the first place.

The Medical Assistance Foundation provides a smooth, dignified channel through which generous individuals can donate funds to people in need, allowing them to heal in dignity, unburdened by staggering medical bills. Over the past 5 years, we’ve provided over half a million dollars to numerous families, and we’re continuing to grow.

How it Works

When you donate funds to MAF, 100% of your tax-deductible donation directly benefits someone in need. Simply choose your preferred method of payment here. Our board of directors—composed of experienced attorneys and accountants—will direct the funds to someone who desperately requires them. We will send you a receipt for tax purposes and, if you wish, information about the party or parties whom you have helped. It’s that simple.

A Labor of Love

What’s in it for MAF, you might ask? We are unique in the world of charity organizations, in that our work is strictly a labor of love. 100% of all donations go to patients’ expenses, with absolutely no overhead fees funneled back into the organization itself. Read more in our FAQ.

We encourage you to donate today. You may not be a doctor, but you have the power to save lives.

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